Why Is My Thermador Refrigerator Not Making Ice

May 17, 2022
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Thermador appliance is one of the appliance brands that provides top-of-the-line appliances for kitchen homes and commercial areas. It is known for its quality and durability and the innovative features that make it convenient to use. However, there are several factors that can give rise to the different causes of a refrigerator to stop getting cold?

Regardless of the issue, an effective Thermador Fridge Repair will be needed to ensure that the issue is properly diagnosed and solutions are precisely given to make sure that the Thermador refrigerator will work efficiently.

Within the lifespan of the Thermador refrigerator, you might face different problems, which can be due to its parts being defective or poor maintenance of the unit. Although you can easily fix some problems with the unit, Thermador Appliance Repair in Pasadena is here to help you when it needs extensive repair. We have a team of professional and licensed repair technicians with experience in handling the repairs of the appliance and ensuring a long-lasting solution no matter what issue it could be.

One of the features of the Thermador refrigerator is that it has the ice-making feature. This is a convenient way to get a fresh batch of ice for your drinks and other things. It is also a big help during the hot summer days when an ice-cold drink will help quench the thirst. However, there are times that the unit won’t be able to make ice as it should be, and this can be not very reassuring when this happens.

There are different reasons for it to happen, including incorrect freezer temperature or dirty water filter, which affects water flow and its cleanliness.

  1. Thermador Ice Maker Is Not Turned on –  When your Thermador Ice maker doesn’t work, make sure that it is turned on before you will do any additional troubleshooting. The on/off switch is typically a wire arm located on the side of the ice maker. The ice maker is off if the wire arm is raised, and to this one, make sure that its wire arm is lowered.
  2. Thermador Freezer Not Cold Enough – If the freezer is only set a few degrees above the ideal freezing temperature, it is possible that the unit won’t be able to make ice. Setting the freezer temperature at 0 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended to ensure the proper temperature for food storage and ice production. If the unit feels warm, check the door seals and ensure it is functioning well. 
  3. Ice Maker Is Not Ready – Most of the Thermador refrigerator unit requires at least 24 hours to produce a full batch of ice if the unit is newly installed. It can take the ice maker up to 72 hours to reach its full production capacity.

Dirty Thermador Refrigerator Water Filter – The unit’s water filter helps strain the water supply’s contaminants. Over time, the filtered contaminants can build up in the filter and block, and this can cause a poor water supply leading to minimal ice production. It is highly recommended to change the filter every 6 months to prevent blockage.


If your Thermador refrigerator still shows any other issues, call Thermador Repair Service to check and fix the problem immediately.