What Causes The Thermador Dishwasher Doesn’t Dry Dishes

June 18, 2022
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Washing the dishes is considered a daily household chore. One of the best ways to do this is using a dishwasher like the Thermador dishwashers. Many modern appliances have many features that will provide you with many benefits when used. But, some instances will show some issues affecting how the dishwasher works. To find out what causes the issue and have it fixed, immediately call for a “dishwasher repair near me.”

Thermador Repair Service in Seatac is one of the trusted repair services in the area. A company that has provided a complete range of repair services to many homes for years. With a team of repair technicians, licensed, trained and experienced to work on any Thermador issues. Defective parts or poor maintenance are possible reasons why an appliance doesn’t work. Diagnosis will be made to help identify what causes the issue and do the necessary fix.

Many Thermador appliances have a way to let you know that something is wrong that needs your immediate attention. Dishwasher error codes and troubleshooting help identify the appliance’s problem and how to handle this.

The ease and the convenience are the two factors a Thermador dishwasher provides. But, when you find that you are drying the dishes and other glassware after the wash cycle, something is most likely wrong. 

Rinse Aid Is Out

Even if it is not the main problem that needs repair, it should be checked first. Then rinse in the dishwasher helps the water slide off your dishes naturally so they won’t need excessive drying in the first place. It also helps to prevent wet dishes and water spots on the glassware.

Door Was Opened Too Soon

If the wash cycle has just stopped, opening the dishwasher, even very quickly, to grab the dish you need can result in the whole load staying wet. What happens is that the opening of the dishwasher allows a burst of cooler air to get in. When the hot air meets inside, this causes the steam and will condensate. This problem doesn’t need repair. You will need to wait for the wash cycle to be fully done.

Faulty Heating Element

The heating element in your dishwasher has two functions. It is used to heat the incoming water to the right temperature, and it is also used to aid in the dry cycle after the wash cycle is done. The heat created by the heating element helps remove the water from the dishes faster so that it doesn’t leave any water spots.


Blocked Drain Hose

If your dishes are wet and you notice that there is still water in the bottom of the tub, this could indicate an issue with the drain hose. The drain hose could be possibly blocked or slow draining. It is also possible that the water present in the dishwasher is backflow from the improperly working drain.


There are different possible reasons why your dishes won't dry properly after the wash cycle from your Thermador dishwasher. To help find out what causes the issue, don't hesitate to call Thermador Repair Service to book an appointment for the repair.