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October 12, 2022
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How to repair a Thermador oven?

Thermador ovens are among the best in the market, requiring the same quality Thermador appliance repair service. Thermador Repair Service provides the services you need for your dependable oven. We understand the importance of your oven and how you need them in good working condition at all times.

Thermador ovens have high-end baking and broiling elements that ensure a seamless cooking experience. However, age and other stresses can damage its internal components, restricting its function. So if you want to learn about fixing your Thermador oven, we are here to share some oven appliance repair tips.

  • Igniter

The igniter is one of the most common oven components you will experience problems with. It is designed to draw electrical current through the safety valve, igniting the gas in the burner. Over time, the igniter gets weaker, failing to open the safety valve properly.

Determine if the igniter is working. With the oven turned on, observe the igniter. If the igniter glows for more than a minute but doesn’t ignite the flame, the igniter might be too weak to operate. You will need to replace the igniter to get your oven working again. If the igniter doesn’t glow, it might not receive current, and you need to check it for continuity.

  • Spark Electrode

The spark electrode is installed beside the burner. It is responsible for emitting a spark to ignite the gas. The spark electrode works similarly to a spark plug. When power is applied, sparks shift from the electrode to the shield that ignites the gas. A worn or broken electrode will fail to spark, resulting in zero heating.

Inspect the oven’s electrode assembly for holes and cracks in its housing. If cracks are present, replace the electrode. It is recommended to ground the electrode properly and ensure correct voltage polarity.

  • Bake Element

A working bake element glows red when heating up. The heating element could be burned out if it doesn’t glow red. Inspect the heating element for physical damage, and replace it if signs of cracks and holes are present.

  • Broil Element

Like the bake element, the broil element glows red when it works properly. A broken and worn-out broil element will not glow red, which means it is not heating. Check also for signs of damage and use a multimeter to determine if there is continuity.

No matter how advanced your Thermador oven might be, problems will always arise due to age and stress. You can book our oven repair services for guaranteed results.

How long should a Thermador oven last?

Thermador ovens are some of the best appliances on the market. They are reliable and durable, with an expected lifespan of about 12-16 years. Depending on the model and store of purchase, your oven will come with roughly two years of warranty for parts and labor.

Unlike other brands, thanks to its large capacity, you can cook entire Thanksgiving meals using your standard Thermador oven. It also has advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and guided cooking that you won’t find in other oven models on the market.

Thermador ovens are also generally more affordable than similar models from other premium brands. When it comes to repair and service, you can’t go wrong with our Thermador oven repair service.

With top-notch services performed by fully licensed oven technicians, expect an extended lifespan for your Thermador oven when you come to us for repairs. So instead of typing “Thermador repair near me,” type in your contact details so we can give you a callback.

Properly maintained Thermador ovens will give you minimal headaches. And while no kitchen appliance is immune to the effects of wear and tear, you can rest assured we’ve got what it takes to keep your oven in good working condition for as long as you need it.

With proper care and expert repair, your Thermador oven should last at least another decade. We use only genuine components for parts replacement to ensure 100% compatibility and guaranteed longevity.

So if you’re still searching for a “Thermador oven repair service near me,” look no further than Thermador Repair Service, the top go-to for superior Thermador repair near you.

You can conveniently book our oven repair service through our 24-hour hotline or fill out our form for a scheduled callback. Our licensed and specialized oven experts are happy to bring high-quality services to your doorstep on demand.